The phenomenon that one or more steel wires cross in the pla

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1) When winding, the stainless steel wire on the I-shaped wheel is wound unevenly and unevenly.
2) During stranding, the tension of I-wheel is uneven.
3) The diameter of rope strand or stainless steel wire is uneven, and the diameter ratio of steel wire and strand core is improper.
4) The hole diameter of the crimping die is too large, and the rope strand swings.
Interleaving will reduce the breaking force of stainless steel wire rope in the use process, increase the wear of stainless steel wire, and reduce the service life.
The development of stainless steel wire rope industry is inseparable from the surrounding environment. When developing stainless steel wire rope, we should also pay attention to the surrounding environment and harmonize with the surrounding environment. Nantong steel wire rope analyzes the relationship between the development of stainless steel wire rope industry and the environment.
Compared with the developed countries, the original and auxiliary materials such as wire rod, hemp core, grease, lubricant, etc. needed for the production of steel wire rope are still far away. The steel wire rope industry should constantly improve the technical requirements for the original and auxiliary materials, and sometimes it needs to work together with suppliers to tackle technical problems. Collaboration with lower class users. We should dare to show the products of the enterprise, cooperate with the users, improve and improve the quality of our products, and constantly improve the brand effect of our products in the competition with internationally famous steel rope enterprises.
The development of stainless steel wire rope is inseparable from the efforts of the enterprise and the development of the external market, which is the combination of internal and external factors. Let China's stainless steel wire rope develop.