The important role of modern logistics in the development of regional economy is also more and more recognized by people. Many provinces and cities put the development of modern logistics on the important agenda. The modernization of logistics industry is closely related to the level of economic development. It is expected that China's economy will maintain a stable increase in a long period in the future, and the trend of integrating with the world economy will also be strengthened, which is the general environment for the development of logistics industry.

According to the experience of developed countries and the reality of the development of market economy and the transformation of functions in China, the role of industry associations should be played. For example: the standardization system construction of logistics, the basic research and promotion of modern logistics, the education and training of logistics talents and the popularization of knowledge, the self-discipline and coordination of industry enterprises, etc., all departments can entrust industry associations to do so. Industrial organizations should also change their ideas, improve their work style and methods, establish the concept of serving enterprises, industries and services, and increase their cohesion with their own work.

All industry associations should eliminate the opinions of each family, strengthen the Union and cooperation, form a joint force to promote the development of China's logistics industry, and play a good role as a bridge and link with enterprises. Although China's logistics "hot" continues to heat up, it can only be said that it is just in its infancy. There are also some people who understand the importance of logistics. The modernization of logistics has a long way to go. In the initial stage, without a solid foundation, there will be no long-span leap.

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