Analysis of plastic coated steel wire rope practical classif

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There are many kinds of steel wire ropes, and the structure types are different. It can be classified according to the structure, twist method, shape, size, use, etc. these classification methods have been introduced by many people.
I、 Classification by material of rope core
1. Fiber core wire rope: wire rope with one or more fiber cores in the center of rope or strand.
2. Wire rope with metal core: that is, the wire rope made of metal strand or rope as the wire rope core and twisted together.
II、 Classification by surface condition of steel wire
1. Smooth steel wire rope: the steel wire rope made of uncoated steel wire on the surface.
2. Galvanized steel wire rope: steel wire rope made of galvanized steel wire on the surface.
3. Plastic coated steel animal rope: steel rope made of steel wire coated with plastic (nylon or polyethylene) on the surface.
III、 Classification according to the material of rope steel wire
l. Ordinary steel wire rope: steel wire rope made of high quality carbon steel wire.
2. Stainless steel wire rope: wire rope made of non induced wire.