How to solve the problem of micro electric hoist with wire r

Date of issue:2020-03-18 Browse times:1005
In the process of application of micro wire rope, we will inevitably encounter problems of large and small electric hoists, so how to solve them
1. First, check whether the power fuse of the electric hoist of the miniature wire rope is burnt out. If one phase is broken, the electric hoist motor will start in single phase, the starting torque is 0, the motor cannot rotate, and the fuse shall be replaced.
2. The grid voltage is too low. The starting torque is proportional to the square of the voltage. The accelerating torque can not overcome the load torque and reach the running speed, so the grid voltage should be increased properly.
3. Stator winding is short circuited between phases, grounded or open circuited. When the winding is grounded, the junction box shall be opened for inspection; when the circuit is open, not only the motor shall be inspected, but also the wiring of the control equipment shall be inspected first to see whether it is correct, and the contactor shall be replaced if necessary.
4. The load is too large or the transmission mechanism is faulty. Generally, it is reasonable to match the motor power with the electric hoist of micro steel wire rope, and the lifting load shall not be overloaded. If the electric hoist fails to rotate, first remove the load. If the motor can start normally, it indicates that the transmission mechanism such as the reduction gearbox is in fault, and the driven mechanism shall be checked to deal with the fault.