Galvanized steel wire rope can meet the needs of various wor

Date of issue:2020-03-18 Browse times:978
The common material of galvanized steel wire rope is carbon steel, which can be used in aviation, automobile, motorcycle, bicycle brake line, precision instrument, fishery, rigging and other fields. Surface galvanizing has the advantages of high strength and good corrosion resistance; stainless steel, grade 304 or 316 has the characteristics of good toughness, long fatigue time and corrosion resistance.
Galvanized steel wire rope can meet the needs of various working environments. In recent years, the development of galvanized steel wire rope field in China has made great progress. The cooperation between Chinese and foreign methods has been continuously formed, and the standards of relevant methods have been improved. The application of cooperation in steel, chemical industry, transportation, port and other industries is also quite mature.
And the jointless steel wire rope is a ring-shaped sling woven by winding equipment and technology. It is characterized by soft rope body and many pulling points, which can solve the operation requirements of small pulling space and high load. It is applicable to the requirements of transformer, shipbuilding, machinery and large pieces in various environments. The specifications of the sub ropes used in the loop sling are different, and the breaking load is different. The breaking load of the sling can be calculated according to the galvanized steel wire rope structure required by the customer, and the small breaking force of the loop sling is 6 times of the working load.